Weaver of Worlds: MQ2 Talent Rose Bianchini

Rose Bianchini
From more than 230 MQ2 nominees, 30 were chosen to submit project proposals. Of these 30 finalists, only 12-15 will receive CPB funding for their projects. But all will go on to acheive great things, no doubt. Here we begin a series of profiles of these makers extraordinaire. Up first: Rose Bianchini.

Rose Bianchini is a founding mother of a city, a city made of felt and dreams, a city that makes me imagine myself made of corduroy and satin. Soft City is like a real city in some ways: many of its buildings are modeled on real buildings (mostly in Toronto, but also from all around the world) and you must get a permit from the Soft City Hall to build in it. In other ways it’s not like a real city. Even children can build in it, for example.

It’s a city that is accessible and malleable in ways that brick-and-mortar cities aren’t, but it can help people imagine those hard cities in new ways. It’s a place where they can experiment with models for the┬álife-sized worlds they inhabit.

Soft City is a world where collaboration thrives. It’s a world of interactive magic.

So Rose knows a thing or two about interactive collaboration. She also knows something about what happens when old meets new. Take a listen to her short audio works “My Mother’s Village Saints” and “Gospel Sundays.”

What will it take to integrate our old broadcast medium with new mediums? What manner of constructive art will take us there? Rose Bianchini is one among the Makers Quest talent building away in an attempt to answer.