We All Share the Media Sky

Thanks to New Media Mania, our new Twitter friend, for introducing us to the United Nations’ New Media Task Group Chair Pamela Gay, an astronomer and popular podcaster (top 25 Science and Medicine podcast on iTunes) who says things like this:

“From William Herschel to Hanny van Arkel, regular everyday people with a passion for astronomy have found ways to make memorable discoveries. Every day, citizen scientists are building an ongoing legacy that includes documenting variable stars, discovering asteroids, tracking supernovae rise and fall, and even capturing the optical afterglow of gamma-ray bursts.” (Read more where this came from here.)

This is what she talked about in a recent lecture called “The Once and Future Role of Citizen Science: The Great Discoveries of Public Astronomers Across History.” Digital technology plus the fact that we all share the sky makes the field ever more rich for citizen participation, she said.

The UN declared 2009 the International Year of Astronomy to “reignite wonder and promote peace.” Gay will support IYA2009 activities going on around the world throughout the year.

There’s some inspiration here for us mediamakers, don’t you think? The new radio stars are the citizens all.