Story of the Week: This Oklahoma Preacher Went From Painter to Pop Singer to Missionary

Something Within from Allison Herrera on Vimeo.


Jimmy Anderson has never stopped singing. Anderson is a minister in Holdenville, Oklahoma, where he sings in his native Creek and in English. The story of how he became a preacher, with detours into art and pop quartets, is featured in our Finding America story of the week from Invisible Nations at KOSU in Oklahoma.

Here’s what Invisible Nations creator Allison Herrera had to share about the video on Facebook:

“I watch the opening sequence to this video to cheer myself up. Sometimes, when you feel like dirt or you wish things could be better, words from someone like Jimmy Anderson come along and lift you up. I don’t go to church, but I believe in the power of God and I believe in other people’s faith and their power to do good. Jimmy is one of those people — a good person, helping people and the world be a better place. We need him. I love this song ‘Something Within’ because no matter what, we all have it in ourselves to make it better.”