Wage/Working Lets Listeners Experience How Time is Money

wage/working“Those who earn the least are given the most time to speak.” That’s the central operating principle for the Wage/Working media installation, produced by Laura Hadden and Tennessee Watson during their recent stint as AIR Live Interactive Residents at the Wave Farm in upstate New York. Stories they’ve gathered are housed in a jukebox—for a dollar, listeners can select a segment edited to the length of time it takes for the worker to earn that amount.

The duo write about their production process in the most recent AIRblast Spotlight: “As radio producers, it is a rare delight to see physical artifacts of your work on display in public. The other aspect of the jukebox as a framework that we love is the ability for individuals to come together and curate a shared listening experience in public space, a rare opportunity in a world increasingly dominated by headphones and mood music.”

Learn more—and listen to selections from the project—in the July AIRblast.