Update: Place + Memory

This call for story ideas is from Shea and Jennifer of the MQ2 project Place + Memory. NPR’s Weekend Edition aired a similar call (and you may have seen Scott Simon’s tweet about it) and in return they got audience feedback on all of their platforms, more than 150 story ideas, and nearly 300 new Facebook fans. Now it’s your turn.

This is a call for ideas! We want your suggestions for our second place-story.

We all have places that have left their mark on us so clearly that just their mention brings them instantly to life and we are compelled to share our memories–places that have ceased to be, except in our memory. Think about one or two places that come to mind for you and send them to

Here are some categories of places to get your creative juices flowing:

businesses (diners, bowling alleys, barber shops)
cities and towns (razed by nature, declining industry, land re-purposed)
schools and churches (closed, consolidated)
neighborhoods (re-developed, gentrified, aged)
natural environments (mountains, rivers, parks, views, beaches, islands)
roads and bridges (country roads, state highways, ferries)
public/private gathering places (street corners, people’s homes)
other countries (changes in governement, war, natural disaster)
buildings and monuments (or other large public edifices like statues, stadiums, public facilities)

Because our first lost place is rural and a business, we’re hoping our second profiles a lost place in an urban setting, and maybe it’s not a business. That being said, a good story is a good story, so we’re interested in whatever comes to your mind.

We will also be asking for your contributions on the project website when it launches next month. Many thanks for your help, and here’s rabbit gravy in your eye!