“There Is a Great Reshaping Going On”

AIR convened its annual Virtual Annual Membership meeting last week, experimenting with Elluminate, a web video/text chat/white board platform. MQ2 Talent Manager Ingrid Lakey, and producers Queena Kim and Shea Shackelford presented.

Here’s an excerpt from Executive Director Sue Schardt’s remarks to producers. She talked about how the crisis with the economy is hitting producers, and threatening the talent pool of public radio, and shared her optimism for the new opportunities during the “time of the maker.”  We encourage you to take a minute to read the full text.

We have opportunity, as never before, to forge a new productivity, and new relationships between producers, the stations, and the networks; to bring great new diversity in the form of new producers who can lead us to places we’ve never been…places we don’t know about.

New priorities are being set at every level. There is great receptivity. People are hungry for answers.  We must – all of us – take advantage of this time by leading with our ideas. They’re eager for finding new ways of doing things.