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Walker Wooding

Photo of Walker Wooding
Gulf Coast/Houston—Southeast Texas Editing Sound & Mixing Tape
Member since 2020


  • Anahuac, TX


Walker is available for

Although comfortable with prepping guest/interviewee spaces to get good audio for tape syncs and location sound, Walker is also comfortable with editing and mixing sound and interviews for stories and podcasts.
  • Engineering
  • Producing
  • Recording

About Walker

A Bit About Me: I’m a Gulf Coast/Houston—Southeast Texas-based independent accepting collaborations to edit and mix pieces for podcasts and other audio stories.

For the portrait How a B-Boy Got His Name, I cut and mixed a field interview with a breakdancer explaining the origin of his B-Boy name.

I’ve also recorded tape syncs, field interviews and location sound for a variety of collaborations including documentary and nonfiction podcast projects. 

For the podcast American Diagnosis hosted by Dr. Céline Gounder, I recorded the tape sync and additional sound for the "My Toxic Reality" episode.

I would love to work closely with editors/producers to edit and mix tape as well as gather tape and help them take projects from the ground to post production and eventually into the hearts and minds of listeners.

Editing/Mixing: How a B-Boy Got His Name—independent project, No More My Lawd (I Am With You)—Cities and Memory Prison Songs project.  

Key Tape Sync/Recording Collaborations include: Freakonomics Radio Network (Freakonomics Radio and Freakonomics, M.D. podcasts), Post Script Media (The Big Switch podcast), Just Human Productions (American Diagnosis podcast), Zinc Media (BBC World Service's The Cultural Frontline podcast).

Let’s Connect & Collaborate: Got an audio/radio/podcast episode, series or project to make, a story to tell? I’m ready to dive into a DAW, an audio editor, or restoration software to take up the challenge with you. It's always a privilege to help others piece together and shape their conversations and stories as well as getting the best audio recordings possible. Let’s dive into world of audio storytelling where we can work together with the intimacy of the spoken word and the soulfulness of sound.

My current editing/mixing set partners Hindenburg with Izotope Rx with Reaper alongside as an alternate digital audio workstation.

My primary sync recording kit includes an Audio-Technica shotgun microphone and a Sound Devices mixer/recorder.

I’m Also Available For: Full- or part-time remote editing/mixing and producing work.

Walker's Portfolio



  • Mixing
  • Tape Syncs
  • Sound Design
  • Interviewing
  • Field Recording
  • Audio Engineering


  • PROCESSING/POST: Hindenburg, Reaper, Izotope Rx
  • RECORDER: Sound Devices MixPre mixer/recorder/, backup recorder
  • MICS: AT897 shotgun, VP88 stereo, other mics