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Tony Dec

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Podcast Architect & Strategist, Content Developer, Storytelling Mentor: 19 years and counting. Sound expert and early-adopter: now creating podcasts in Dolby Atmos—placing listeners inside the sound.
Member since 2019


  • Bridgehampton, NY


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Tony is available for

Coaching/consulting/mentorship and sound design.

High-end audio editing and assembly/mixing…
• Editor for Peabody Award-winning multi-part documentary, Pushkin Industries, Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin, Bloomberg News, SiriusXM, Sony.

Immersive sound design & mixing in Dolby Atmos…
• Working with a high-profile sound designer & Atmos mixer.

Scriptwriting, content dev and story editing…
• Taught at Columbia University graduate J-school, founding co-director of, working with independents and corporations.

Available for voice-over & VO coaching…
• Voice artist and longtime SAG-AFTRA member.

Available for "tape" syncs (Suffolk County, eastern Long Island, NY).

Also able to relocate, as needed, for short or long-term projects.
  • Fact Checking
  • Editing
  • Producing
  • Recording
  • Scripting
  • Voice
  • Writing
  • Other
  • Teaching

About Tony


• Leading content development in podcasting since 2004.

• Achieved millions of downloads for podcasts produced as division head at Bloomberg News.

• Founding co-creator, the world’s first academic program in podcast training & development.

• Lead editor for 2004 Peabody Award-winning 11-part documentary “Leonard Bernstein: An American Life.”




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  • Acting
  • Mixing
  • Voice Coaching
  • Tape Syncs
  • Story Editing
  • Sound Design
  • Show Development
  • Scrubbing and Audio Editing
  • Research
  • Producing
  • Mentoring
  • Logistics and Coordination
  • Interviewing
  • Hosting
  • Field Recording
  • Fact Checking
  • Voiceover


  • Pro Tools, Hindenburg, GarageBand
  • Plug-ins: Waves, iZotope, more
  • Audient iD14, Yamaha HS5
  • Condenser mics: Audio Technica 4050 plus Kaotica Eyeball, pair of Sennheiser ME64 cardioid condensers
  • Zoom H5 with stereo X-Y