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Toni Kennedy

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I am a quiet leader and belly laugher. My work revolves around the world of preschoolers and supporting families and early childhood educators. I'm a Writer/Producer. My style is AfroRealism slice of life.
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About Toni

In 2022 I was chosen as a finalist to participate in Spotify's SoundUp Family and Kids podcast accelerator program.  As a participant, I received close guidance and valuable feedback during the development phase of my show 'What's Poppin" Penny?' I enjoy the support and mentorship of my program cohort, Sr. Manager, SoundUp, Jane Zumwalt, and my program podcast producer, Rebecca Cunningham, Award-winning kid's podcast. Producer, CEO at Cordelia Studios, and Executive Producer & host at Girl Tales.


When I'm not writing, casting, directing, co-editing and producing podcast episodes for my first season of What's Poppin' Penny?, you can find “Miss Toni” in schools educating young children with my puppet, Little Chick. It's a thirty-minute interactive educational entertainment show with music and games designed to support parents' and teachers' preschool learning goals.


I've also self-produced a children's music cd. The eighteen original song cd, along with the children's anthem, "Take Care', by Miss Toni and the Macaroni Band, can be found on popular music streaming platforms. Please visit my website,, for show synopsis, videos, music, and more!


"Preschool Family- The Musical" is a kids & family stage play I've written about the whimsical cast of parents and kids who belong to the fictional classroom of Head Teacher, Miss Toni, and her assistant teacher, a five foot nine inches tall hen, Miss Chicken. It is based on my cd of the same name. 

I'd like the opportunity to work with experienced writers to better develop and grow my writing skills. 

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