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Tatiana Schreiber

Member since 2001


  • Putney, VT
  • Producing
  • Reporting
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About Tatiana

I have worked as an independent producer of radio features and documentaries since 1984. My major documentary series have included "Places Like This: Women in Prison," and "Other Colors: Stories of Women Immigrants." Both series received awards including a NFCB Golden Reel Award, two Clarion Awards, and a Robert F. Kennedy journalism award. As a reporter and features producer I have worked for NPR, the BBC, Latin File, Horizons, Monitor Radio, Living on Earth, Crossroads, Artbeat, The Splendid Table, The Cultivated Gardener, Common Ground, Homelands Productions and other outlets. In recent years my focus has been on environmental, agriculture, education, and public health issues but I have wide-ranging curiosity and interest in many cultural, political, and ecological topics. In 2005 I received my Environmental Anthropology. My research (which included a radio component)looked at cultural pluralism in relationship to the environment, and focused on small-scale farmers in Southern Mexico. While conducting my fieldwork in Mexico (for several months each year over five years)I worked as a journalist and am comfortable conducting interviews in Spanish, and translating Spanish-language material. I currently work as a professor of environmental studies, focusing on ecological agriculture, and write and do research primarily on food, agriculture and environmental issues. Available for: I am available as a collaborator on projects of common interest. At this point primarily as consultant on content, rather than as producer.



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