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Stephanie Brown

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Hi! I am Steph. I am an audio producer and journalist currently based in Los Angeles, CA.
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  • Playa Del Rey, CA

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I am looking for work as a reporter, producer and script writer for news and documentary.
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About Stephanie

I love making podcasts from start to finish. I pitch, develop, report, produce, and edit. I've been working in documentary for 6 years and audio for 4. I love a group project, a fearless investigation and an opportunity to share a microphone. 

As a producer for the award winning show, Vice News Reports, a podcast by Vice News, I reported and produced dozens of episodes from breaking news to pop culture. For instance, in the aftermath of Tyre Nichols’ death, I reported from Memphis, Tennessee to understand how a city focused on police reform failed to prevent such a violent encounter and to hear how the community is re-imagining public safety. And last summer after a bad breakup, I hosted and reported an episode about dating during the pandemic. 

During my time at VICE News I also wrote a feature about Florida college students protesting Governor DeSantis and hosted two tiktoks for promotion. 



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