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Siona Peterous

Member since 2020


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About Siona

I'm a producer and writer ith a background in journalism and sociopolitical research who believes in the power of storytelling to amplify tangible change in communities. 

My goal is to always  create accessible, engaging, creative and informative work rooted in exploring how the personal, the cultural and political often intersect. My personal and professional experiences led to me a point of realizing how traditional norms of objectivity lead a citicadamant that exploring this intersection, rather than ignoring the personal side which is pushed by traditional ideas of objectivity, is the most accurate way to tell stories of communities not usually represented in popular media.

That’s why you can usually find me chopping it up with folks A.K.A sitting down with people, getting to know them, developing ties to their communities and learning about the issues they feel are most important. I combine understanding people’s personal, nuanced experiences with the information I gain through research, fact-checking and having a range of sources.



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