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Shana Thompson

A professional visual storyteller and novice audio storyteller, possessing endless curiosity about life, an unrelenting desire for excellence, and an authentic, warm, approachable style.
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About Shana

Shana has over a fifteen years of experience as a professional photographer, having worked in the professional sports arena as well as the events, marketing, academic and journalism sectors of the industry. She has recently become enamored with the world of podcasting, after creating a podcast as a personal project and experiment to support her photography. Even though she stumbled her way through the experience, she became hooked on audio storytelling and is now pursuing a master's degree in digital storytelling in the hopes of turning what is now a fascination and curiosity into somewhat of a career, or at least a respectable form of art. She considers excellence and integrity to be of the utmost importance both her in professional dealings and personal life.

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