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Ronald Young Jr

Ronald is a bold personality with a passion for immersive stories.
Member since 2018


  • Alexandria, VA
  • Business
  • Editing
  • Producing
  • Recording
  • Scripting
  • Voice
  • Writing

About Ronald

I’ve always had a desire to be heard, so I created, host, and produce two podcasts. The first is dedicated to exploring our shared experiences related to race, friendship, dating, divorce, and other important things like prom. The other combines my love of movies and my love of talking and is dedicated to reviewing movies I saw in the theater (and now from my quarantine couch). I’m a producer, a planner, and a storyteller, and I’ve sought out every opportunity to create quality audio content. I am experienced in the entire podcast lifecycle to include scripting, recording, editing, mixing, mastering, distribution, and marketing. I hope to join an established team with a broad audience to continue producing quality audio content.



  • Audio Engineering
  • Field Producing
  • Field Recording
  • Interviewing
  • Logistics and Coordination
  • Producing
  • Reporting
  • Research
  • Scrubbing and Audio Editing
  • Story Editing
  • Tape Syncs
  • Voiceover