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Robert Frankenberger

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Editor, producer, and host who is passionate about helping people tell their stories. I love taking other people's ideas and helping them become a reality.
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  • Columbia, SC

Robert is available for

Open to any kind of work editing, producer, or writing for audio projects.
  • Fact Checking
  • Editing
  • Producing
  • Scripting
  • Writing

About Robert

Hi, I'm Bobby Frankenberger!

I love editing and producing audio content of all kinds. Every new project is a new chance to learn and grow as an audio storyteller. I believe that story is at the core of most audio projects. Whether it's an interview, a investigative piece, education, or news reporting, story is at the heart of getting your listener to care about what they are hearing. Any editing, producing, or writing that I do begins with that in mind. 

I began my audio journey nearly ten years ago with a series of personal podcast projects. I quickly found that I enjoyed creating podcasts, and launched several small shows. Eventually I decided to test my abilities and prove to myself that I had to skills to be an audio producer by entering a podcasting competition called America's Next Top Podcaster. I was selected to compete on the show and came in second place. My work as an editor and producer was admired by the staff of the show, and they hired me. I am now the primary editor and producer for that show. 

My current passion project is a weekly science podcast called All Around Science. This show is about science news and science communication/education. I am the editor and co-producer on the show. 

While I am just beginning my freelance audio career, I have 1000+ hours of audio editing experience working on projects as small as 10 minute interviews to as large as 12 episodes seasons of 1.5 hour long episodes with 20+ tracks of audio. 

I'm always up for new opportunities to learn and be challenged. 

Robert's Portfolio



  • Mixing
  • Story Editing
  • Sound Design
  • Show Development
  • Scrubbing and Audio Editing
  • Research
  • Producing
  • Mentoring
  • Interviewing
  • Hosting
  • Audio Engineering
  • Voiceover

Previous Work

  • Editor/Producer at America's Next Top Podcaster (Ongoing)
  • Host/Editor/Producer at All Around Science (Ongoing)
  • Editor/Producer at Shadowcasters Network (04/01/2019)