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Rasha Aridi

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Hi there, I'm Rasha! I'm a freelance science journalist and radio producer at Science Friday. I love stories about all things science and the ways in which we engage with it. I'm also a writer and fact-checker open to freelance projects.
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  • Washington Dc, DC


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About Rasha

Rasha Aridi (she/her) is a producer for the weekly radio show Science Friday. She started her career studying wildlife conservation, which included babysitting bear cubs, climbing trees to monitor macaws, and chasing lizards around a lab. Growing tired of analyzing data, Rasha realized that she had much more fun talking about science than actually doing it. Now a science journalist, Rasha spends her days nerding out with researchers and relaying that information to SciFri's listeners. She loves stories that weave science, identity, and culture together to challenge people's perspectives of science and the world. And of course, she loves a good critter story.

Rasha has degrees in wildlife conservation and multimedia journalism from Virginia Tech. Before she joined Science Friday, Rasha learned all things audio as an intern for NPR's Short Wave and then at Science Vs from Gimlet. And before realizing that radio was more fun than writing, she wrote for outlets like Science Magazine, Smithsonian, The Guardian, and Science News for Kids.

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  • Reporting
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Previous Work

  • Intern at Science Vs at Gimlet Media (April 2022)
  • Intern/temp at Short Wave at NPR (June 2021)
  • Intern at Science Magazine (Sept 2022)
  • Communications Intern at Fralin Life Sciences Program @ Virginia Tech (August 2020)