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Randy Scott Carroll

Member since 2016


  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Voice
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About Randy Scott

Formerly from New York, I’m now a Philadelphia based freelance radio producer, editor, engineer, mixer, composer, and art director. I've been an editor for Thrillist's podcast with iHeartRadio, produced over a dozen stories for NPR affiliate stations, and I currently teach narrative journalism at two different art schools in Philadelphia. My clientele includes Radiolab, Invisibilia, & Freakanomics (WNYC), Slate (Panoply), FiveThirtyEight (Disney) The Intercept, Missing Piece Group, Gimlet, American Public Media, NHPR, Radio Open Source, MTV, Audible (Amazon) and many more. I've also produced a piece that was featured with Raw Story. Also, I'm always down to travel anywhere from Boston, Harrisburg, Baltimore, D.C., NJ, and plenty more for gigs, just let me know! Formerly, I was a videographer and instagram guru working with places like Alternative Press and Chevrolet.



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