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Pavan Srinath

Bilingual Podcaster, enjoy endless conversations on & off-air, and am enabling more podcasters in India.
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About Pavan

I am a bilingual podcaster from Bangalore, India, and I currently lead the Indian language programming efforts of IVM Podcasts, India's largest and oldest podcast network. I have been hosting and producing podcasts in English and Kannada since 2017, and my goal now is to create a culture of podcasting and podcast listening across all Indian languages. Both individually and as a part of my work, I want to enable creators, organizations, and media houses to create great audio-first shows. I currently host the Thale-Harate Kannada Podcast, a weekly conversational show where we discuss everything from governance to history to culture to entertainment to science -- and unlock conversations that usually remain in English in India. 

I have previously hosted The Pragati Podcast, an English-language public affairs show, and have created, produced (and some times, hosted) BIC Talks for the Bangalore International Centre. I have an academic background in biotechnology, biophysics, and public policy. I have worked for 10 years with thinktanks, not-for-profit organizations, and philanthropic foundations. Across organizations, I have launched new programmes and initiatives, built strategic partnerships, established systems and processes, pushed for modernization, and helped organizations grow. I also teach on a range of themes in public policy, communication and data analysis.

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