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Nidhi Shastri

Audio Storyteller | Creator - Model Minority: Uniquely American | Freelance Researcher and Writer | Sharing POC stories as diverse and beautiful as our people
Member since 2021


  • Chicago, IL



Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Spanish (conversational)

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About Nidhi

Nidhi Shastri is an audio storyteller from Chicago, IL. She graduatedĀ from the University of Illinois in 2019, after which she worked as an independent podcaster and political organizer. Her podcast, Model Minority: Uniquely American, has won two awards and been featured in Inside National Geographic, the University of Illinois and at the University of California - Berkeley. She is working to uplift Asian, African and Middle Eastern stories through her work, while also using podcasting as a medium for educating and inspiring social change.

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