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Molly Pearson

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Emerging podcast creator excited to learn from the AIR community!
Member since 2021


  • St. Louis, MO
  • Lincoln, NE


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About Molly

I'm in the early stages of developing a podcast centering risk-taking as a tool for survival. My project will feature intergenerational voices on topics of queer identities, sex work, drug use, harm reduction, activism, and other experiences that require an inherent acceptance of risk, and all of the joy and pain that comes with those risks.  

I love to write, talk, share, and learn about sex, identity, illness, and community, and I am open to collaboration of all kinds.

Audio is new to me, and I am excited to learn new skills to bolster the work that I already do. I'm a member of the interdisciplinary What Would an HIV Doula Do? collective, where the explore the cultural response to the ongoing HIV/AIDS crisis.

I also teach storytelling and facilitation classes at Campfire, a St. Louis-based  organization. I'm involved in local efforts to decriminalize HIV and sex work, and I'm an adjunct professor at the Brown School of Social Work, where I earned a master's degree specializing in sexual health and education.

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