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Michael Margolies

Always excited to experiment, and a lover of audio in all forms. I enjoy crafting unique sounds/atmospheres and polishing up audio.
Member since 2021


  • Portland, ME


Michael is available for

Looking for any freelance editing, production, mixing, sound design, or scoring/composing work.
  • Editing
  • Engineering
  • Music
  • Producing

About Michael

Much of my adult life has revolved around agriculture and working with sound. My undergraduate degree and agricultural experience has nurtured an interest in food worker rights, food systems, water systems, and the broader socio-political issues surrounding and intersecting with these systems. I'd love to take on projects that tie in to broader world of agriculture, but am always open to working on a variety of topics. My knowledge of audio production comes from a combination of formal teaching and self-teaching. I am passionate about working with audio in practically any form and feel a drive to learn more and experiment with new approaches and techniques. I'm excited by collaboration and find that all members of a team often take away new skills or knowledge after the completion of a project and that's why I'm here -- to grow my skillset, collaborate with new people, and help bring projects to life!

Michael's Portfolio



  • Mixing
  • Sound Design
  • Scrubbing and Audio Editing
  • Scoring
  • Research
  • Field Recording
  • Composition
  • Audio Engineering


  • Ableton Live
  • Behringer C2 -2 Matched Condensers
  • Sure SM 57
  • Audacity
  • Soundtoys 5
  • iZotope RX 8
  • Audacity 2.4

Previous Work

  • Auto DJ Coordinator at WIQH - Whitman College (May 2018)
  • Programming Director at WIQH - Whitman College (December 2017)