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Mark Riechers

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Making public radio into cool internet stuff
Member since 2020


  • Minneapolis, MN



  • Editing
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About Mark

Mark is the digital producer for "To The Best Of Our Knowledge," a nationally-syndicated radio program heard on 220 stations across the country. The digital lead offers the rest of the team the secret ingredient to whatever they might be working on — killer photos to accompany a piece online, a unique way to atomize a piece into tiny pieces that work well on Twitter, a weird YouTube clip that perfectly compliments the point a guest was making on the air, or any of the other innumerable ways Mark dreams up to collide differing forms of media together online to delight listeners of the show. Mark is based in Madison, with experience telling stories from everything from film festivals to and DIY music venues to the local steampunk convention to virtual reality. It’s an eclectic clip file acquired mostly in Madison and Chicago as a freelancer for arts and entertainment publications like The A.V. Club, dane101, HuffPost Code, the Isthmus and Tone Madison. When not covering nonsense, Mark has translated high-end research engineering into plain English as a science communicator. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Engineering, he wrote stories about flexible electronics, solar power and beer-data-science. He wrote about policy analysis, mathematical modeling and economic thought at the Becker Friedman Institute for Research in Economics at the University of Chicago. Mark immerses himself in any media technology useful for telling a story, shooting and edit photos and video with ease. Embracing new tools in 2009 meant learning Premiere and Lightroom in between journalism classes. Today, it means learning how to scan Github for the latest and greatest web tools for journalists. If you have a new media puzzle to solve, Mark is game to brainstorm a solution, geeking out in the process.

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  • Producing
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  • Zoom H6, Shure SM58, Shure SM87