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Lowry Yankwich

I'm collaborative, driven, and musically-inclined. I went to Harvard Law School, but in the middle made a podcast about classical music and found that I needed to do more. I can write, research, interview, edit, and host. I like podcasting for the people.
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  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Cambridge, MA


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About Lowry

Education: JD, Harvard Law School, '21; BA, History, Stanford University, '16.

First podcast: 30 Bach, an exploration of J.S. Bach's "Goldberg Variations," through interviews with devoted listeners and celebrated performers. I created the project right after college, and ultimately spent about 4 years putting it together, interviewing and recording musicians in the U.S., Germany, Austria, France, and the UK. Though much of the podcast focuses on classical music, it also shows the threads that connect one piece to many other genres, from Afro-Cuban to jazz, and shows how people live with the work today -- an architect who designs to the piece, a scholar who mourned to it, a dancer who dances to it. I researched, interviewed, scripted, narrated, and did all audio editing and sound design for the podcast. It was featured in the Washington Post.

Current projects: the tonic, another classical music podcast delving into the hidden meanings behind great works of the past with legendary pianists of the present.

Types of projects I'm looking for: I still have a lot to learn. I'm interested in working with a team on narrative projects that touch history and culture and involve wide-ranging interviews. As a musician, I'm partial to musical projects (they don't have to be classical at all!), but also love topics that touch history, environmental policy and science, and law.

Other relevant experience: I've been a writing tutor, and a teaching assistant; I have a degree in classical piano performance; I've done a lot of work while in law school and before in the environmental space. In college, I studied Chinese and Chinese-American history, working on projects related to the construction of the transpacific railroad in California.




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  • Zoom H4n Pro recorder
  • Rode NT1-A microphone
  • Audio-Technica AT2020 microphone