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Laura Flynn

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Curious producer currently overseeing podcasts at The Intercept
Member since 2022


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I'm a podcast producer currently overseeing productions at The Intercept. I've worked in audio for more than ten years, starting off in public radio. At The Intercept I led production on season two of Murderville, a 9-episode audio documentary investigating a wrongful conviction case from Texas, the death penalty capital of the country. I also recently produced the mini-series, No Way Home, which recounts the fall of Kabul to the Taliban in the summer of 2021. And more recently, I produced Dissent, a miniseries that dives deep into major cases before the Supreme Court during the 2023 term. On a more regular — weekly basis — I oversee production of our shows, Deconstructed and Intercepted. I've done a lot of freelance throughout my career, from story editing on season three of 70 Million to producing a few seasons of What's Next, a tech podcast by Samsung Next. I've produced radio stories covering topics ranging from energy to education. You can find my stories at Making Contact, KALW (San Francisco), KUSP (Santa Cruz), and NSPR (Chico).