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Ketty Henri

An Agent of Vulnerability
Member since 2021


  • Brooklyn, NY



English, Haitian Creole, French

Ketty is available for

I would love to host, interview or produce more work on vulnerable topics that effect people daily. I would love to learn more about lifting the lid on issues that are ignored or thought of as problems of the marginalized. I am personable, brave and willing to step into spaces that require cultural competency and listening to the needs of others.
  • Business
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  • Teaching

About Ketty


My name is KettyJoe and I am a mental health professional moving into media as a way to connect with people and provide a respite from all the heavy we digest daily. My podcast, Vulnerable City, has helped me put my thoughts and experiences to sound. I am interested in growing and connecting with like minded individuals who use their media platform to help people feel closer to their own truth. I feel like a newbie and am eager to learn all that I can. I am excited to be here.

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