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Kathleen Brady

I am a detail-oriented writer and editor who puts a healthy skepticism and a must-do work ethic into all my project and yours
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Kathleen is available for

Fact-checking, research and interviewing, both as interviewer and interviewee. See Featured Projects. Profile is under construction. I am an expert on Ida Tarbell, the muckraking, investigative journalist who exposed The Standard Oil trust and on Lucille Ball. I have published well-respected biographies of both women. I have also done fact-checking for Audible podcasts on The Home Front during World War II and Bernie Madoff
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About Kathleen

I am the author of biographies of Lucille Ball, whom I interviewed at her Beverly Hills home, and Ida Tarbell, whose expose of John D. Rockefeller earned her a place in U.S. history books. For this book I was named a Fellow of the Society of American Historians. I want to put my expertise as an historian to research and fact-check history-rich podcasts. Having been interviewed at length for an NPR podcast on Ida Tarbell, and a Fox Nation video on Lucille Ball, I would like to lend  my voice to other projects.

Kathleen's Portfolio



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Previous Work

  • Fact-checker "The Reckoning: Facing the Legacy of Slavery in America" (Podcast) at Spotlight Media
    (September, 2020)
  • Interviewee, Voice "Antitrust 1: Standard Oil" at NPR Planet Money
  • Interviewee, Voice "American Icon Lucille Ball" at Fox Nation (streaming)
  • Fact-Checker "The Home Front: Life in America During World War II" at Audible