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Kamilah Kashanie

Member since 2019


  • Brooklyn, NY

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About Kamilah

When I started thinking about the kind of creator I wanted to be, I knew I wanted to tell the stories of people like me. I grew up in a Black neighborhood, but as a kid going to performing arts schools in New York City, I was often the only Black person in class. With all the content out there, I didn't always see Black people who I related to, and that had a hefty impact on how I saw myself. Looking back now, I wish I would’ve had someone like Zoe Johnson on Black-ish to mirror my adolescence. Someone educated and informed, but also unapologetically confident in their black identity. When I tell stories, I try to reflect the lives and experiences of everyday people, in all their intricacies. I studied sociology in college because I wanted to understand why people act or speak in certain ways, and how our environment impacts the way we interact with others. I want young women of color to see complex and varied versions of themselves in the media they consume so that they feel seen and represented.



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Previous Work

  • Production Assistant at StoryCorps
  • Transom Story Workshop (May 2018)