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Juliette Bouquerel

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Executive Producer, Producer who loves elevating changemakers voices
Member since 2017


  • Los Angeles, CA



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Taking on a new show that covers social justice, environment, impact investment, diversity and inclusion, education and the 17 UNSDG.
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About Juliette

I have 15 years of global experience working in the media industry incl. music, digital media, podcasting, online radio and content production. I lived in many countries and tend to move to a different city and/or country every 5 years. I am the founder of Be Your Change media, podcast production and training company with a focus on social impact and an Executive producer at heart. I am never short of ideas, love listening to people's stories and researching interesting topics. My favorite hobby is to travel and get to know local people and support my community. 



  • Show Development
  • Research
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  • Adobe Audition, Zoom H4npro, Seinnheiser Microphone