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Julia Rocha

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i am a non binary audio journalist and sound artist. i am currently an associate producer for Latino USA, where I have covered stories about a range of topics: from queer and trans organizing to housing justice.
Member since 2021


  • Brooklyn, NY



Spanish, French, Portuguese

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About Julia

I am a sound artist and audio journalist currently working as an associate producer at Latino USA. 

I started working at Latino USA in January of 2020 and the stories I am most proud of are: a story about The Reclaimers, a group of unhoused mothers in Northeast LA who decided to occupy vacant government owned houses to house their family and call attention to the housing crisis in LA. And a story about Lorena Borjas, a pioneering trans activist from Queens NY who came of age during the AIDS epidemic in NY and passed away in the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, after dedicating her life to healthcare access and wellness in the trans community.

I am driven by my conviction to center the work that black, brown, indigenous, trans and queer communities are doing to build autonomy, and expose the web of systemic dysfunction that they face in trying to dismantle current regimes of power to imagine something new. 




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