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Jule Banville

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  • Missoula, MT

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I'm an editor, reporter, producer and a journalism prof teaching audio and writing at the University of Montana in Missoula. In another life, I worked at WNYC on the staff of The Next Big Thing. More recently, I reported and produced a seven-episode narrative about prosecuting sexual assault. I'm currently at work on a big, exciting project that gives me hope for this messy industry.
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About Jule

My recent work is "An Absurd Result," the episodic story of a survivor of childhood rape that explores holes in the laws for prosecuting older sexual assaults. It's a tough story I tried to tell honestly and thoroughly and always appreciate listens and feedback. Some years ago, I launched Last Best Stories as a side project. It's 13 episodes of mostly fun, occasionally serious, sound-rich, evergreen stories loosely linked to Montana. I've worked as an editor for the two NPR member stations in Montana and have freelanced for Marketplace, Splendid Table, Weekend America, etc. I'm currently working on a cool project about death that's really about life.

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