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Judith Smelser

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About Judith

**NOTE: Sorry, I don't do tape syncs.** I am an independent editor, journalism trainer, and newsroom consultant, with public media clients across the country. I provide network-level interim and backup story editing; training and one-on-one coaching in news management and editing; and consulting and advice for newsrooms and journalism collaborations on strategic planning, newsroom structure & systems, journalism content, coverage priorities, etc. I am an award-winning public media editor, newsroom leader, reporter, and producer with over a decade of experience in large and small stations, and working with national networks and shows. Before striking out on my own, I was Managing Editor at Colorado Public Radio, where I led day-to-day operations of CPR's 17-person newsroom, editing news features and series, overseeing the newscast unit, and guiding ongoing and breaking coverage. Before CPR, I served as news director at WMFE in Orlando, Florida. I planned, edited, and reported on award-winning coverage of daily stories and major events. I helped create a new local talk show and re-shape a long-running arts show. I instituted numerous newsroom management systems -- from writing WMFE's first formal journalism ethics code, to creating emergency coverage plans, to installing a rigorous start-to-finish editing process. Prior to that, I was based in Washington D.C., as an editor, producer, and reporter at the broadcast news agency Feature Story News.