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Jon Fredette

Podcast producer, composer, and sound designer. Epic yet minimalistic. A landscape artist for your mind. I immerse listeners in an emotional and tense journey through my work.
Member since 2020


  • La Jolla, CA

Jon is available for

I love to collaborate on creative projects. As a sound designer, composer, producer, and engineer, I am comfortable with slipping into whatever role a project requires and do so with dispatch and precision.

My true calling is sound design and composition, and I prefer projects in which I can creatively contribute.
  • Editing
  • Engineering
  • Music
  • Producing
  • Voice

About Jon

I am a theatre sound designer and composer by trade, and I tend to focus on work that is diverse and pushes my limits as a creator. 

I joined AIR to find podcasting opportunities in which I can expand my creative repertoire and body of work with professional collaborators. Having run my own podcast for over 5 years, I have acquired all of the skills, both creative and technical, for making an impact on any production.

As a producer, I run The Oddcast: Tales of the Occult, Weird, and Arcane in which I am the sole sound designer, narrator, and composer. It is an homage to classic horror, weird, and science fiction literature. Though the show is dark, I try to choose stories that have an emotional arc and present opportunities not only to frighten but also to have a lasting impact due to quality production value and tender moments. 

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  • Audio Engineering
  • Composition
  • Field Recording
  • Mixing
  • Producing
  • Scoring
  • Scrubbing and Audio Editing
  • Sound Design
  • Voiceover