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Jessica Jupiter

Member since 2021
  • Editing
  • Producing
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  • Scripting

About Jessica

Jess (she/her) has spent majority of her life (29 years) living in Brooklyn, NYC until recently when she did the most unforgivable and moved west to Los Angeles, CA. When she's not making herself feel guilty for enjoying all this sunshine, Jess enjoys binge watching television and movies, so much so that she spent two years in a master's program to prove it.

Jess moves through the world as a queer Black woman and is committed to challenging society's notion that that isn't cause for constant celebration.

Along with her commitment to being a joyful queer Black girl, Jess is just as committed to fostering and creating stories that expand the narrative of Black and queer communities, and works to elevate stories by and for Black women. Despite constant reminders, industries still seem to believe that Black folks (and therefore their stories) are a monolith. Jess is working diligently to change that.



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