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Jeff Wertz

Photo of Jeff Wertz
Experienced New York broadcast and NPR production pro. Interviewer and field recording of audiophile quality content. Live on air host of music and talk radio.
Member since 2021


  • New Brunswick, NJ

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Jeff is available for

Tape syncs (higher end) and field recording. Conducting interviews. Recording, and hosting podcasts in the field. Live hosting gigs similar to the music-centric radio program that I do on my local college radio station (for fun). I can hold down 4 hours of live airtime without a problem.

I would like to take the eclectic curated music program I do locally to a national audience either live or through syndication. I have a deep and broad knowledge of music from my years of Jazz, Rock and even Punk radio.

I do voice over work in my own booth.

I run a media production company and do high end video production (see link on left for MultiMedia Video).
  • Editing
  • Engineering
  • Music
  • Recording
  • Voice
  • Other

About Jeff

I am very lucky to have always known what interests me, and my career has been built upon those interests. Now, after many years of producing various types of media programs, I find myself experienced in many areas: from newspapers and magazines (where I worked as a photojournalist and photographer), to video production (which I did primarily in my production company), live radio, radio production, voice acting and podcasts.  I am more than an engineer/producer/host, I am able to comprehend the full media landscape, which makes me, I suppose, a good choice for multi-platform projects or agency work.

I want to continue working with audio, either doing tape synchs, podcast production and hosting, or live broadcasts.  

My long term goal is to find a larger platform for the type of radio program I have been doing locally (samples on this page) for a wider audience.  

I bring skill, enthusiasm and knowledge to everything I work on.  I work well independently, or with people.  For many years, I employed a staff of full-time producers in my production company.  They seemed happy, and you will be too when we work together.

One more thing:  I am not looking for a full-time job, just a short term gig.


Jeff's Portfolio



  • Tape Syncs
  • Interviewing
  • Hosting
  • Field Recording
  • Field Producing
  • Audio Engineering
  • Voiceover


  • Sennheiser MKH 416
  • Shure Beta 87 A (4)
  • AKG 451 C matched pair
  • Lectrosonics digital hybrid wireless systems (2).
  • Mac Book Pro with Pro Tools (2020 model).
  • Fostex FR 2 LE recorder with Oade Brothers custom mic pres for quiet and transparent audio. It's not slick or pretty but it sounds fantastic with the mods.
  • Voice Booth.
  • 2 edit rooms and a high end playback room with JBL 4312 monitors (the same as NPR).
  • Cellular ipad for realtime video feeds from anywhere.
  • Tascam portable field mixer.
  • Complete portable setup for live radio broadcasting from anywhere (including a large portable music library).

Previous Work

  • Program Engineer, Promo creator, field engineer at National Public Radio (20th century)
  • Producer and Engineer for "Portraits in Blue". Syndicated weekly one hour blues show hosted by (the late) Bob Porter at APR and WBGO FM (20th Century)
  • Five hour talk show producer and engineer on the largest talk radio outlet in New York at WOR AM New York (1986. Left to start production company.)
  • Live on air host of a diverse music program that mixes all genre's of music. at WRSU FM (presently on hiatus since August 2021.)
  • Produce programming, engineer programs for local and national broadcast, run station, record remotes (sometimes in Record Plant Mobile truck). at WBGO FM, New York's number one jazz radio station. (1992)
  • Production company owner. MultiMedia Video production of video, audio and digital media programs. at MultiMedia Video (Currently employed. Essentially this is now a moniker for me as a freelancer.)