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Inge Oosterhoff

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I am a narrative long form and audio journalist from the Netherlands and a recent graduate from NYU's Literary Reportage program
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I am looking to work as an Assistant Producer or Story Editor on a narrative podcast or documentary show. I have experience in audio documentary production in the Netherlands and Europe.
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About Inge

I got my start as an intern at Dave Eggers' oral history publication Voice of Witness in San Francisco in 2014, where Eggers dubbed me their "fire-haired power intern." 

I worked as a freelance multimedia journalist in the Netherlands for several years, writing narrative long form, story editing/consulting film documentaries, and collaborated on immersive multimedia projects.

I made my first radio documentary for Dutch Public Radio in 2019, about an idealistic project in my Dutch hometown during the Northern Irish Troubles. Every two years, a group of Protestant and Catholic teenagers from Belfast visited our town for three weeks to befriend the enemy. They stayed in mixed couples with Dutch host families, including my family when I was 1 year old. The goal was to inspire the new generation to end the Troubles, but no one stayed in touch with the teenagers to find out what happened after they left. I tracked down the two women who stayed with my family and found that the project had an immensely positive impact on them, but for very different reasons than the project organizers intended. Because audio production teams are uncommon in the Netherlands, I researched, interviewed, transcribed, edited, structured and sound designed the entire documentary on my own. The production made national best-of lists.

I came to New York University to truly master narrative non-fiction. While there, I discovered a love and talent for editing my peers' work and was hired as Digital Editor for Cooper Squared, NYU's online publication for undergraduate journalism students.

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  • Research
  • Reporting
  • Producing
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  • Zoom H6 Audio Recorder
  • Røde NTG2+ Shotgun Microphone