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Heather Li

Founder of It's Nice to Hear You, a podcast about human connection.
Member since 2020


  • New York, NY


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About Heather

I'm launching a podcast called It's Nice to Hear You, a story about human connection, told through a matchmaking experiment and anchored by the voices of the participants.

I'm currently working on writing and editing the 10 episode series from 100 hours of audio collected through this matchmaking experiment that I designed - Dozens of strangers getting to know each other over the course of 30 days. The twist - no one knew what each other looked like, and they could only communicate by exchanging voice memos with each other.

I'm looking for experienced narrative audio writers and producers to work with on this project. Check out @itsnicetohearyou on Instagram and email me if you are intrigued or know someone who might be.