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Grant Davis

Podcast Studio Owner in Austin, TX
Member since 2020


  • Austin, TX


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I run a video/audio recording studio in Austin, Texas. If you are looking for a place to record, let me know!
  • Recording
  • Voice

About Grant

Howdy! I’m Grant Davis, an avid podcaster and co-founder of Permanent RCRD Studios in Austin, TX. When not helping other record audio and video for their projects, I talk craft beer with The Beerists Podcast, Trek with Start Trek Discovery Pod, Watchmen with Who Pods the Watchmen, tv show with The TV Dudes, video games with Rage Select, and the art of podcating with Create Pod. I'll try to find room to do a few more shows. Hit me up if you are in Austin, TX and need any help recording your own podcast!



  • Audio Engineering
  • Hosting
  • Producing
  • Social Media
  • Voiceover


  • Fully set up studio for audio and video, livestreaming, multiple mics, professional lighting, etc.