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Gordon Katic

Photo of Gordon Katic
Director, Cited Media Productions
Member since 2021


  • Toronto, ON, Canada



  • Business
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  • Writing
  • Teaching

About Gordon

Gordon Katic is an award-winning radio producer and journalist with a background in health, science, and climate reporting. He directs Cited Media, which creates: 

  • CRACKDOWN is a monthly podcast about drugs, drug policy and the drug war led by drug user activists.
  • Cited Podcast is a documentary series about the politics of science and expertise.
  • Darts and Letters is our weekly newsmagazine program about public intellectuals and the work that they do.

Our programs have won several prestigious media and journalism awards, secured 100s of thousands of listeners, and had a significant impact on public discourse and policy formation in Canada and beyond. We have been honoured by the leading Canadian journalism organizations -- including the Canadian Association of Journalists, the National Campus and Community Radio Association, BC’s Jack Webster Foundation -- as well as international organizations, including the prestigious New York Radio Awards and the Third Coast International Audio Festival. The A/V Club even called one of our podcasts the  “Most Likely to Save Lives,” and this the title we are most proud of. 

In addition to our flagship programs, we work with outside clients in a consulting and production capacity. In particular, we help public health authorities, universities, research institutes, and not-for-profits create public education, professional development, health communication, and knowledge mobilization podcasts. 




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