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gianofer fields

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  • Madison, WI

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About gianofer

Gianofer Fields is the Writer-Producer of Radio Chipstone, sponsored by the Chipstone Foundation, a decorative arts foundation in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is the Host-Producer of Chazen Unplugged, Chazen Museum UW Madison, Wisconsin. Previously she has been Arts & Culture Reporter for Chicago Public Radio, where she produced sound rich segments that encouraged listeners to veer from the beaten path. She also created the series Out of My Way and Lincoln Highway, allowing audiences to travel vicariously to little known areas beyond our region. Gianofer joined Chicago Public Radio in March 1997 as an intern, later becoming a freelance producer for the former Chicago Public Radio Program Metropolis. She was a field reporter for the Chicago Matters series and a music producer for the station’s live broadcast of the Chicago Jazz Festival, heard on more than 100 stations nationwide. Gianofer received the Peter Lisagor Award for “Exemplary Journalism in Public Service Reporting” for the two-part radio play, “If You Only Knew.” Then a second Lisagor Award for Radio Lifestyle Reporting for the piece, “Mary Todd Lincoln.” Other awards include first place Public Radio News Directors, Inc. (PRNDI) award in the “Interview” category for producing an interview with professor Deirdre McCloskey. She also received an Associated Press award for “Best Editorial or Commentary” for work with Eight Forty-Eight contributor Jerry Pohlen. She has twice appeared on This American Life and has produced for the BBC, CBC, WPR, WUWM, and is currently Producer of Radio Chipstone, a weekly feature segment for WORT Community Radio Madison, Wisconsin. She is the Host-Producer of Chazen Unplugged, a live lecture, and discussion. Says Gianofer, “Radio Chipstone is a project that allows me to combine my passion for Public Radio with my new-found love affair with Material Culture. My intention is to approach each object with a broad curiosity that fuels the listening audience with a desire to learn more about the world surrounding us. Material Culture is an exploration of every day and evocative objects. It's gleaning bits and pieces of information from the objects we choose to surround ourselves with and building narratives. It’s an opportunity to explore objects that inspire more questions than answers.”



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