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Gianna Palmer

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I'm an experienced story editor and podcast producer. I love helping podcasters figure out what they want to say and how to say it.
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About Gianna

As a veteran story editor and producer I've helped make over a dozen hit narrative podcasts. Most recently, as a senior editor at Stitcher/SiriusXM, I edited acclaimed documentary podcasts (like Welcome to Provincetown and Toxic: The Britney Spears Story) and beloved weekly shows (including The Sporkful and Unladylike).

I came to the new, nimble world of podcasting by way of traditional journalism: TV, radio, and print news. I worked at the BBC as a broadcast producer and contributing radio reporter. I've also produced news and feature segments for WNYC, America's most listened-to public radio station. 

I am currently looking for full-time, senior-level work in podcasting.




  • Story Editing
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