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Evo Terra

Podcasting’s original professional contrarian. On a mission to make podcasting better.
Member since 2020


  • Phoenix, AZ


English, Jive
  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Producing

About Evo

I'm a professional podcast strategist. My production company provides a suite of services that keep out clients out of the weeds and minutiae of podcast editing, production, hosting, and distribution. If you're looking for a partner with almost 16 years of deep podcasting experience, I'm the expert for you. I'm the author of Podcasting for Dummies and Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies. I also hosted a syndicated talk radio program and did was the host of a media & entertainment-focused show on KFYI. For nearly 20 years I've blended C-suite experience and new media pioneering to create remarkable digital strategies for big businesses, small companies, entrepreneurs, and artists. If you need fresh ideas tempered with decades of experience, I'm the digital strategy expert your business and podcast needs.

Evo's Portfolio



  • Audio Engineering
  • Hosting
  • Interviewing
  • Logistics and Coordination
  • Mentoring
  • Producing
  • Show Development
  • Voiceover


  • Range of quality mics (SM7B, etc), Hindenburg Journalist Pro,