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Elaine Appleton Grant

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I'm a curious, encouraging editor, show developer, production company leader & public radio veteran. I'm passionate about great hosting & producing and am interested in consulting/training for public media & nonprofits.
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  • Castle Rock, CO
  • Castle Rock, CO


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About Elaine

About Elaine spent 15 years as a magazine editor and writer covering business, health, and the environment before following her audio storytelling heart into public radio.  In 2003, she started her public radio career as a producer on WBUR/NPR's two-hour daily live call-in show, The Connection. Later, she discovered a passion for health reporting at New Hampshire Public Radio, where she won several fellowships. She also served as fill-in host on NHPR's two shows, Word of Mouth and The Exchange. From 2012 to early 2015, she was the senior producer of Colorado Public Radio daily flagship program, Colorado Matters, before moving into podcasting. She worked for Wondery as the founding producer/writer on Business Wars Daily, and wrote for American Scandal and American History Tellers. (Her AHT series on American History Tellers led to a TEDx talk on the importance of Black history.)
Today she runs Podcast Allies, LLC, a training, consulting and production company serving public media, nonprofits, higher education clients and individual creators.  She hosts Sound Judgment, a behind-the-scenes podcast that breaks down episodes to answer the question, "What does it take to become a beloved host?" Guests include Glynn Washington, John Barth, Stephanie Wittels Wachs, Juleyka Lantigua and many more. 



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