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Dr. Tina Opie

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Dr. Tina Opie is a voice for change—and coalition building—fostering a sense of inclusion in society, communities and organizations. As a thought leader and provoker, she combines practice and theory, an approach that ensures engagement, deep thinking and action.

Using her trademarked Shared Sisterhood framework, she helps individuals and organizations “dig in” and unearth our blind spots, providing a catalyst for new thinking—and needed change. In developing Shared Sisterhood, Opie has created more than a powerful approach for connecting and supporting each other, she’s fostering a new way of navigating the world by staying true to ourselves while working together. It’s a modern-day movement of individuality and sisterhood that crosses traditional boundaries of ethnicity, socio-economics, age, even gender.

An Associate Professor of Management at Babson College, Opie has been recently named a Visiting Scholar at Harvard Business School following her MLK Visiting Professor/Scholar position at MIT (2020-2021). Her speaking and consulting work has helped organizations including American Express, Hulu, the NFL and dozens more navigate forward toward more inclusive organizations. She is a regular commentator on Harvard Business Review’s Women at Work podcast and Greater Boston’s NPR affiliate television station WGBH. Her work has appeared in top national publications, from the Harvard Business Review and O Magazine to The Washington Post, Boston Globe and more. Look for Tina’s book, Shared Sisterhood, co-authored with Dr. Beth Livingston and published by Harvard Business Press, in Fall 2022. Opie obtained her Ph.D. in Management (with a concentration in organizational behavior) in 2010 from New York University's Stern School of Business; she earned her MBA from the Darden School of Business in 1999.