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Dominic Lawson

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Member since 2022


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About Dominic

On November 1, 2016 I created The Startup Life Podcast, giving our audience the edge it needs in building their businesses and climbing the corporate ladder. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Marc Randolph (Co-Founder & First CEO of Netflix), Tom Golisano (Founder & Chairman of Paychex), and others.

I joined the Meadows Behavioral Healthcare family in 2021 as a podcast producer, editor, and host. Responsible for cultivating a diverse slate of guests ranging from mental health experts to addiction recovery professionals and beyond, he enjoys the challenge of meeting the audience's expectations. I host the long-running series Beyond Theory podcast that brings you in-depth conversations with firsthand insights from the people on the front lines of mental health and addiction recovery. On April 26th 2022, we launched the Recovery Replay, a first of its kind podcast journaling a personal story of recovery from 3 different perspectives.

On February 1st 2022, I launched the Black Is America podcast highlighting little-known African American figures and other stories.

I became a member of the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts (November 2022)

Speaking Engagements:


University of Memphis

International Paper


Black Is America

2022 Communicator Award - Writing (Gold)

2022 Communicator Award - Storytelling (Gold)

2022 Communicator Award - Host (Gold)

2022 Communicator Award - Documentary Episode: Lt. John Fox (Silver)

2022 w3 Award - General Series: History (Gold)

2022 w3 Award - Best Use of Writing (Gold)

2022 w3 Award - Host (Gold)

2022 w3 Award - Documentary Episode: Wendell Scott (Best In Show)

2022 Memphis Excellence Awards- Podcast of the Year

2023 Webby Award Winner Best Podcast-Individual Episode

2023 Signal Awards Craft-Best Host (Documentary) (Gold)

2023 Signal Awards General-History (Gold)

2023 Signal Awards Craft-Best Editing (Silver)

2023 Signal Awards General-Documentary (Silver)

2023 Signal Awards General-Best Indie Podcast (Silver) 

2023 Signal Awards Craft-Best Trailer (Bronze)

2023 Black Podcasting Awards- Best Editing

2023 Black Podcasting Awards- Best Sound Design 

Recovery Replay

2022 w3 Award - General Series: Health & Wellness (Gold)

2022 w3 Award - Best General Series (Silver)

Beyond Theory

2023 Communicator Award-Best Health and Wellness Series (Silver)

2023 Communicator Award- Best Individual Episode "Racial Trauma Within the Black Community" (Gold)

Contact Info: 

Phone: 720-363-1993

Email: [email protected]

Address: 1331 Union Ave. #936 Memphis, TN 38104

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Previous Work

  • Host, Producer, Editor at OWLS, LLC (Present)
  • Host, Producer, Editor of Podcasts at Meadows Behavioral Healthcare (Present)