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Devin Williams

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Confidently nerdy activist with an insatiable desire to both learn and share truth
Member since 2021


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About Devin

Hello, I'm Devin Wiliams. I am enthusiastic about telling the stories of marginalized individuals. In a world where are more technologically connected than any other time in human history. I earnestly believe this is the time to develop a lasting cultural, racial, and societal empathy. Through audio and visual storytelling like podcasts, platforms like Tiktok and Twitter. We can achieve an unprecedented understanding of different people. 

My first passion is narrated audio pieces and long-form discussions on everything from representation in mainstream media/entertainment to policy and legislation.

I can't possibly articulate how excited I am to learn from you and hope to have many future collaborations.

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  • Tascam voice recorder. Shotgun microphone, sim card, and a laptop

Previous Work

  • Reporter/ Correspondent at Focus: Black Oklahoma