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David Ferguson

Dedicated and Determined Graduate Researcher
Member since 2021



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About David

My story as a growing academic is a diverse weaving of multiple experiences from different Universities and fields in science. Being apart of the underrepresented groups in science, as an African-American who spent a portion of my upbringing in a 3rd world country, I am aware of the needs and seek to be apart of the change. Lifting as I climb, I am very strategic in how I want to assist: I want to help increase the amount of underrepresented groups at major universities. Underrepresented groups are known to have a variety of social, economic and academic barriers to progress in universities, recognizing that I aspire to help with increasing access to social and academic aid with tutoring ,networking and social events , for underrepresented groups. Without the leadership and examples of my family members and professors in the academic and personal realms, I would not be the budding scientist that I am today. I learned the importance of service, humility and reaching out through extracurriculars such as clubs and tutoring. As a scientist and a person with principles, I see a vocation and purpose in helping other students understand science concepts and enjoy their academic journeys. As a chemist, I want to assist in impacting communities with scientific principles and influencing science policies to help advance the capabilities and skills of individuals, especially underrepresented minorities.

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Previous Work

  • Graduate Researcher at Indiana University-Bloomington