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Dan Epstein

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A curious, thorough, and engaged producer who works and plays well with editors.
Member since 2004


  • Oklahoma City, OK

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Dan is available for

Tape synchs, reporting assignments and partnerships, field recording and producing, editing, and writing projects, as well as voiceover jobs. Willing to travel anywhere in Oklahoma.
  • Business
  • Editing
  • Engineering
  • Producing
  • Recording
  • Reporting
  • Voice

About Dan

I'm a producer, writer, performer, and instructional designer currently based in Oklahoma City. I started my radio career as a DJ for San Diego's jazz station, KSDS, and it was there that I produced my first documentary features. In the San Francisco Bay Area I was a performer, sound designer, and Foley artist for a radio drama company called Pagliacci's Fools. During my years in Chicago, I was with CHIRP Radio, a community radio station. I held the positions of News Director and Production Co-Director. As News Director, I managed the development of a personal narrative series called Person of Interest. And I was the managing editor for a special six-month project on volunteerism produced for the Chicago Community Trust. I also produced and hosted a podcast series, Musecast, for the Art Institute of Chicago. And like most indies, I've done many, many tape synchs. My clients include On The Media, Marketplace, Weekend Edition, and the BBC. Being an indie is great. But I'm also interested in collaborations and partnerships. I'm trying to keep my focus as local as possible with subjects including community affairs, military and veterans issues, technology, the arts and sciences, and the oddities.

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  • Acting
  • Mixing
  • Tape Syncs
  • Sound Design
  • Scrubbing and Audio Editing
  • Research
  • Reporting
  • Producing
  • Interviewing
  • Field Recording
  • Field Producing
  • Voiceover


  • Sound Devices SD722 Recorder
  • Tascam DR100MKII Recorder
  • Shure VP88 Stereo microphone with Rycote shockmount and blimp
  • Audio-Technica AT8035 Shotgun microphone with Rycote pistol grip mount and softie
  • Electrovoice RE50 microphone
  • SoundForge
  • Vegas
  • Hindenburg