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D Orxata

Photo of D Orxata
Enthusiastic, empathetic, and eternally curious. AIR Media New Voices Scholar '22
Member since 2022


  • Belmont, MA



Fluent in spoken Spanish

D is available for

Freelance, full-time, or part-time work. They are an experienced podcast producer, editor, sound engineer, sound designer, script writer, host, and show developer.

They also consult for businesses and non-profit organizations committed to elevating underrepresented voices in their communities and in popular media. Past clients include Homoground, Switched on Pop, Silvergate Media/Sony, Boston University, and several town and city art organizations in the state of Massachusetts.

Feel free to read D's AIR New Voices Fellow spotlight here:
  • Business
  • Editing
  • Engineering
  • Music
  • Producing
  • Recording
  • Scripting
  • Voice
  • Writing
  • Other
  • Teaching

About D

D produces and hosts episodes for Queer Joy, a series where LGBTQ+ identified artists describe what queer joy means to them through voice memos and music. D also hosts and moderates Homoground's live virtual events, with a talent for being adept at guiding the flow of interviews while keeping conversations on topic and navigating complex and sensitive subjects with care. Peers describe D as kind, curious, and thoughtful. D knows how to make listeners "feel like a longtime close friend".

With twenty years of audio production experience, they've developed a keen ear for mixing, mastering, and sound design. D offers freelance audio engineering services for broadcast and streaming media, and recently worked with Janji, LLC for two CTV ads currently airing on several streaming platforms.

D has over fifteen years of experience as a culture consultant for individuals, organizations, and communities. D meets one-on-one with podcast producers and journalists to consult on the development of LGBTQ+ themed episodes and articles. A vocal advocate for the improvement of Mexican-American representation in popular media, D was the culture and music consultant for the pre-production of the animated adaptation of the award-winning bilingual book series ¡Vamos!.

An accomplished singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, D's duo project with FBGM is lauded for their compelling performances, genre-bending songwriting, and emotionally intelligent storytelling. FBGM focuses on ways to promote gender and racial equity via booking shows for the purpose of showcasing local bands led by LGBTQ+/QTBIPOC musicians and stepping aside from headlining to maintain focus on emerging artists. As a solo musician, D composes and produces original music spanning multiple genres. They enjoy creating soundtracks for imaginary video games they wish existed.

D is a guest columnist for online publications. Their article “5 Things Every Synth Novice Should Know” was the featured cover piece for Performer Magazine’s special synthesizer issue.

D's Portfolio



  • Mixing
  • Tape Syncs
  • Story Editing
  • Sound Design
  • Show Development
  • Scrubbing and Audio Editing
  • Scoring
  • Research
  • Producing
  • Interviewing
  • Hosting
  • Field Recording
  • Composition
  • Audio Engineering
  • Voiceover


  • Microphone: Samson Technologies Q2U dynamic microphone, desktop stand, windscreen
  • Interface: Focusrite Scarlet 3rd Gen 2i2
  • Headphones: Beyerdynamic Closed-back 80Ω Ref Headphones
  • DAWs: Logic, Ableton Suite, ProTools, Audacity
  • Plug-ins: iZotope RX10
  • Computer: MacBook Pro M1

Previous Work

  • Producer, Host, Sound Engineer, Show Developer, Interviewer, Moderator at Homoground (Ongoing)
  • Audio Engineer at Janji, LLC (October 2022)
  • Singer/Songwriter & Composer at Self (Ongoing)
  • Music Consultant at Silvergate Media/Sony (October 2021)