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Caroline Losneck

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Member since 2011


  • Portland, ME

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Projects, radio documentaries, collaborations.
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About Caroline

Caroline Losneck is an independent documentarian, radio and podcast producer, filmmaker, and experimental installation artist. Her work has appeared on pubic radio stations, Kitchen Sisters, Marketplace, and in podcasts. Her documentary film work has appeared in NYT and festivals. She often seeks out off-the-radar venues for her documentary work - from buildings slated for demolition, public parks, and flooded city streets, to empty campgrounds and film festivals. As an independent radio producer, her work is featured on Maine Public Radio, NPR, Marketplace, BBC and WMPG Community Radio. Caroline's documentary film work has been featured in the NYT Op Docs, film festivals around the county, and in museums. She has taught intensives at Salt Institute for Documentary Studies and given lectures and workshops at: Mayo Street Arts, Reiche School, assisted living homes, colleges and high schools. She enjoys frequent collaborations with artists, illustrators, photographers and more.   BA Environmental Science from Oberlin College

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