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Ava Fields

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Horror Advocate| Crime Trends Expert| Pop Culture Survivalist|+ Poet
Member since 2020


  • Boston, MA



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About Ava

Ava (Avie) M. Fields is an independent artist and community leader based out of Boston. Her work combines radical language and imagery to carve out a subversive path for reframing and re-purposing traumatic content.

The Horror Advocate is an interdisciplinary content house grounded by the intersectionality of horror, equity, compassion, and a commitment to transform the antiquated social structures that feed harm and starve survival.

Using community-based horror projects as a guide, this uniquely curated content will shift cultural standards throughout American society.

Her innovative projects, Apt, Horror| REC Zombie| + [Pop] Cult Survivalist, are groundbreaking advocacy resources used to address pop (counter) culture as a reputable data source for community development and enhancing civic engagement. This work is guided by her expertise on the intersectionality between horror, equity, + compassion.

The long-term strategy will use these data points (and anecdotal analysis) as a  crucial resource for any city/state/or federal officials, initiatives, or programs that want to serve the underrepresented communities better than they were appointed to protect.

She also hopes to blend her horror advocacy work with a passion for prison reform, restorative justice, harm reduction, and investigating wrongful convictions. Her only wish is that people experience as much catharsis engaging with her work as she does by creating it.



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