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Ava Fields

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Ghost Writer, Horror Advocate, and Poet
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About Ava

Ava M. Fields is a Ghost Writer, Horror Advocate, and Poet based out of Boston. Her work is anchored by commitments to Subversion, Equity, Pop (Counter) Culture, Empathy, and Self-Preservation. She has been published in 3 editions of 'Write on the Dot', self-published her first poetry collection in December 2020, and in April of 2021 her poem “In the days that followed '' was selected as part of The Mayors Poetry Program of Boston.

Her award-winning project, ‘The Horror Advocate’, has successfully evolved into a second phase. Apt,Horror is an innovative approach to data gathering (+analysis) that develops theories into meaningful conclusions; using the horror genre as a reputable source and grounding it as an applied practice for strategic community development.

Long term, her goals include becoming the premier expert on the intersectionality between horror, equity, + compassion; and transforming the antiquated structure of the Academy Awards/Oscars by reclaiming the horror genres' rightful place at the table.

An advocate for compassion vs punishment, She hopes to combine her horror advocacy work with a passion for prison reform, restorative justice, and investigating wrongful convictions.

She hopes people experience as much catharsis engaging with her work as she does by creating it.


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